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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the whole process?

Between 6-13 weeks depending on cabinet selection.

How long does it take to install counter tops after cabinets are installed?

Typically 10-14 days.

Why can't counter tops be installed at the same time as cabinets?

Counter tops are custom and must be templated to the cabinets to insure a precise fit.

Should the flooring be installed before or after cabinets?

Typically it's best to have the flooring installed prior to cabinet installation. However, if you are installing softer wood flooring it may best to wait until your installation is complete.

Why are my cabinet doors not lining up when they are installed?

Once cabinets are installed they need to settle and adjust to the climate. We typically allow up to 2 weeks for this depending on the climate at the time of installation. After that time, we will return for a final adjustment to align all doors.

What is the best location for my hardware on my cabinet fronts?

Based on the size and style of the hardware you provide, we will assist you in determining the best location prior to installing.

Why is hardware not included in my cabinet package?

There are too many variations in style and price for us to offer all that is available. There is no additional cost for installation of your hardware.

When do I need to have the hardware?

Hardware needs to be on site at the time your cabinets are installed.